Permanent research by CARLOTA MANTECÓN


Dates: July 23-August 3, 2018



Carlota Mantecón (Tenerife, 1984) dancer and expanded choreographer who develops her artistic practice in the field of live arts. Her work arises from a polyhedral look at the body and its various possibilities of entering into relationship with the environment. Dialoguing, with special fascination, with sound experimentation, and the architecture of the ephemeral.

Since 2016 thanks to the support of LEAL LAV she begins to develop the artistic mediation project PRINCIPIANTS - scenic practice for women over 65 y, which she continues to reformulate in site-specific adaptations in the local and national territory. During 2017 she began collaborating with Carmelo Salazar (director of LA PORTA) in different types of artistic accompaniment. He has worked with artists such as Jesús Rubio Gamo, Llum Prat, Masu Fajardo, Nibia Pastrana Santiago, Teresa Lorenzo and Javier Cuevas among others.

She recently premiered the piece AIXÒ NO ÉS UNA PROVA DE SO for the Festival FAM 2019 and, together with Sara Reyes, she is developing a scenic practice from the danced action with the collective of the Kellys - "Ni de Coña" for the II International Congress of Philosophy of Dance at Centro Danza Canal.