Ginoide by Cia. Baal.

Dates: March 19 to 25 and September 2 to 7, 2019



During the residency we will look to integrate into the body the concepts that we have been analyzing so far and see how they take shape within the choreography. This research process is nourished by the information obtained during 3 years in the laboratories that we have been directing around the construction of the gender.

When planning the project we found difficult to detach ourselves from all the information that is under our skin when we talk about gender, masculinity and femininity. We were filling in a space of questions about what the construction of gender means and how we can go further, concluding that, not only that we do want to talk about gender, but we are interested in analyzing the control systems behind it.

In this way, the research revolves around the question: What will be our identity in a world where (almost) everything is digital. How will personal relationships be built with this identity?



Cia Baal was created by Catalina Carrasco and Gaspar Morey in 2013. Among its shows we can find Viatge enlloc, Traveling, CROTCH and MiraMiró. Viatge enlloc won CENIT 2014 for best show. Baal has twice been selected for the circuit of Red de teatros alternativos and for the AECID catalog. In 2018 MiraMiró won the ATAPIB special award. Baal shows have been seen all over Spain, in Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, Korea and Turkey.