ANATOMIA DE LA POR by Mireia Sans and Joan Fullana

Dates: March 16th-17th, 2019



Anatomia de la por is a collective creation show with dramaturgy by Joan Fullana and choreography by Mireia Sans Aleu, co-directed by the two creators, based on the reading and analysis of the book by the philosopher José Antonio Marina, entitled homonym: Anatomía del miedo.

A search for the essence of things, presenting reality from our inner point of view, giving body and voice to feelings, transforming our human bodies into the subjective physical expression of emotions. The show seeks an absolute transversality between dance, theater and music.



9Espai Escènic is the name of the company of Mireia Sans Aleu, also the founder of Columbus Danza. In this show, Mireia Sans Aleu seeks the complicity and co-production of Joan Fullana, a founding member of Corcada Teatre. The trajectory and experience of both creators and their various companies come together in "Anatomia de la por" in order to consolidate its production.


Mireia Sans

Mireia Sans is a choreographer and dancer based in Mallorca, where she currently co-directs her own dance school 9Espai Escènic, in Palma, since 2014, recently turned into a dance company with the creation of the show ELEMENTS, which has toured around Mallorca. Mireia Sans studied the Intermediate Degree in Contemporary Dance at the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid and the Advanced Degree in Dance in the specialty of choreography and performance techniques at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila in Madrid.


Joan Fullana

 Joan Fullana is a Mallorcan stage director, playwright and musician with extensive experience. He has a degree in Dramatic Art, specializing in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and a Master’s in Advanced Theater Studies from UNIR.

A founding member of the Mallorcan company Corcada Teatre, Joan Fullana is a versatile, original and risky creator who has been combining directing, acting, dramaturgy and teaching for more than a decade. He has worked on more than twenty shows as a stage director.