La Contínua by CIA MARIANTÒNIA OLIVER. Mallorca

Dates: 20-24/09/2021 | 4-8/10/2021 | 11-15/10/2021 | 1-5/11/2021


La Contínua is based on the concept of fragmentation as an experimental proposal and choreographic composition, on the creation of a situation of tense intimacy with the audience and on the active and improvised incorporation of the spectator on stage.

 Trying to break the standard and traditional patterns of composition (line, shape and proportion), we will seek to experiment with new structures such as radiality, instead of line, and discontinuity instead of continuity. We also want to break the rules of verisimilitude while presenting stories, for example, emphasizing the temporal, spatial or narrative disconnection, working on opposites, intermittencies, tonalities, invisible presences, rupture, abnormality.

This idea of ​​fragmentation affects various stage elements: sound, space, gesture, movement, action ... and responds to a desire to decompose identity itself. The creation of a self-portrait that captures the diversity of our existence, the different planes in which we exist and in which we are. We are not unitary and compact beings, but we are a cluster of many realities that add up and overlap, that vary according to the context, the environment and it all depends on the angle at which it is observed.



Cia Mariantònia Oliver was created in 1989 and, with the show Ocho, won the Jove Creativitat de Catalunya award and the Biennial of Young Creators of the Mediterranean. Later she created the show Marco Raso, a co-production with Barcelona, ​​London and Madrid, touring Spain, Europe and America.

 In 2000 she moved to Mallorca and created a show dedicated to children: Bobot, with whom he toured the Netherlands, Spain and various international festivals. A year later she created La Contínua, a co-production with the Teatre Principal in Palma, the Balearic Government and the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona. Follows Poetes, based on works by contemporary Mallorcan poets. For a family audience: Rasss, with drawings by Max and Na Llauneta recicla, with recycling as the central theme.

 With Mapes, she took part in the Festival Escena Contemporánea de Madrid and Petita Lula, a dance show in public spaces, premiered at the Festival Palma amb la Dansa in 2008. That same year she premiered La Paraula i les peus nus at the Fira de la Mediterrània in Manresa.

 The premiere of the show No-Res with aerial dance and mapping at the Festival Palma Dansa. Las Muchas, a show created with the collaboration of 11 women from Maria de la Salut aged around 80.

 Malmenats, a piece created with 3 men who did not come from the dance code, a musician, an actor and a publicist and art teacher, for an adult audience. And in 2014 he premiered Trobades, a creative laboratory for children as part of the Midies.Pyrinées Euroregional project, Scena Centro, with 4 participants from Mallorca and 3 from Montpellier.

Volen, Volen, another show for family audiences that has performed more than 150 performances nationally and internationally. Las Muchísimas, a production of Teatre Principal de Palma that is also presented at the Festival Grec 2019, a show built with 17 women around 65 years old.

Currently, and to celebrate its 30th anniversary, nOu is in replacement, a show premiered in 2010 and working on the revision of La Contínua (co-produced by the Teatre Principal de Palma) recovering the original show from a point of view completely new.