Pattern by Jaume Miralles

Dates:  13 – 19/12/2021



It is an exercise, a game, a conversation between people and objects. A sample of synergic interaction work-spectator. Giving the ability to manipulate in real time the result, the form of the work itself. It intends to reflect on the reality constructed from our observation. As an axis for the creation the digital-analogical confrontation. 

CV Jaume Miralles

I studied Image Laboratory in Palma, experimenting with analogical processes of revelatge and video. Also different courses in Videomapping at MadCenter (Barcelona) and the course of scenic scenography "Landscape and Action" (Institute of Humanities *CCCB, Barcelona). I continue creating and editing video clips and making projections for live music shows and club sessions. Since 2006 I enter the world of performing arts where many disciplines converge, focusing on lighting, where I acquire new knowledge expanding the understanding of the treatment of light. Progressively I incorporate video projections collaborating in different theatrical shows and companies. I also became familiar with the field of audiovisual production, being part of the team of the production company "Laúd Digital" as a camera operator, lighting and art, in different formats: music videos, advertising campaigns, corporate, viral and documentary.