Tot fa Brou - Batre 
with the support of the Teatre Principal de Palma
Date: July 2022



The Tot Fa Brou collective springs from the confluence of four young people each coming from different artistic disciplines – the visual arts, contemporary dance, acrobatics, circus, sculpture and writing.  This heterogeneity gave rise to the need to experiment, expanding our fields of artistic practices through a process of mutual nourishment.

Each one of the members has traced their own direction, discovering their own individual universe. At the same time personal interests and the need to create collectively has brought the project into existence.

The Mallorcan countryside provides the fertile ground for this project. Where questions spring up from the earth, where the environment questions the corporeality of the creators and their relationship to the land. The piece solidifies through the contact between the body and landscape, together with the contradiction between the contemporaneity and tradition. This complexity allows the problems posed by the different disciplines of the creators to be addressed. To winnow: to separate the wheat from the chaff. The action of winnowing as a tool of inspiration for creating and giving a voice to the investigation of movement, the body and the word. Winnowing to open up a space for a voice, the voice of a landscape.