It's My Party creative process workshop with Meagan O'Shea

Workshop open to people who identify as women between the ages of 40-50 with a desire to explore creatively and physically, working with creative movement, dance, voice, storytelling and improvisation to create mini-solos and create short dance videos of the results, which will be edited by dance filmmaker Linnea Swan.


Meagan and Linnea work with the changes experienced by women in this age group. A project of shared experiences with women from different parts of the world.


It's My Party aims to investigate our relationship to grief, an examination of life purpose and a reflection on success. It seeks to create a connection across space and time by examining the globally connected world, communicating through technology, across time zones, seasons and experiences.

It's My Party explores the secret life of each and every one of us: what moves, motivates and deters us.



This refers to the third impulse or oblique reaction to a situation. This methodology seeks the possibility of finding a new perspective outside the binary paradigm.

Using "Switch" as a way of arriving: an instruction delivered through physical and vocal exploration that solicits as many opposites as possible in a repeatable physicality, to get people out of their head-brain and into their body-brain. This system of improvisation generates a creative investigation that examines ideas from multiple angles and through different forms (dance, movement, voice, narration, installation,...).


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Meagan developed her Oblique/Switch creative sourcing methodology through her work with Ruth Zaporah's Action Theatre, Nina Martin's Ensemble Thinking. Using improvisation and mind mapping and looking for the 'third impulse' (1st impulse = obvious, 2nd impulse = opposite, 3rd impulse = oblique) and examining ideas from multiple angles to discover generative, curious, refreshing and oblique perspectives.