AHA (Antes Hacíamos Análogos) - Miquel Fiol i Daniel Claret  
Residence with exchange at El Animal a l'esquena (Girona) and with the support of the Teatre Principal de Palma
Dates: May 2022



AHA (Antes Hacíamos Análogos) starts from the conflict generated when two realities come together in the same place with different gazes. How the pulse of a body adapts to unconceivable situations. As if reason was trying to escape from reason.

Who has the power to change the way you see things? Is it so hard to conceive of another truth empathetically? The perception of reality should not be put into question. So how exactly do we relate to each other?

A dialogue between two different languages, sound and the body, presenting two different experiences of artistic creation;  a coexistence of two poetics that can flow or generate conflict.



Miguel Fiol Duran, Mallorca, 1983.

After graduating in 2006 in Barcelona he has performed with prestigious Spanish companies such as Cia. Sol Picó, Cia. Mudances/Àngels Margarit, Pere Faura, Veronica Cendoya, Aymar Perez Galí; he is currently touring with Cia. Mal Pelo’s latest performance HIGHLANDS.

He   has also worked abroad– in the Netherlands with Panama Pictures, in Germany with Johanna Richter and in the UK with Hofesh Schechter.

He also participated in the remake of DV8 Physical Theatre’s ENTER ACHILLES in 2020. 

He has worked with Los Moñekos as co-director, choreographer and performer, touring Spain, the UK, Russia and Canada, receiving accolades  from the Bilbao ACT Festival and participating in different networks including  A Cielo Abierto.

 He won the XIX Critics Prize as Best Dancer for his performance in Cia. Mudances / Àngels Margarit’s BACK ÀBAC.


Daniel Claret Mora, Barcelona, 1987.

His career has developed in several directions. In recent years he has worked on different projects including a Beethoven sonata for cello and piano with Àlex Ramírez and “Fé...” a solo for cello.

He has also worked with the Orquestra Simfònica de Barcelona (OBC), the Orquestra del Gran Teatre del Liceu and the Orquestra Nacional Clàssica d’Andorra.

At the same time he has worked with Cia. Mal Pelo in their performances Inventions and Highlands, opening up a whole new field of possibility in the way he performs, perceives and understands his work.